The 10 States with the Best Shot at Fighting Zombies During the Apocalypse


I have to say, I used to be someone who worried about surviving the coming zombie apocalypse. Not any more though; the current state of the world has turned my attention and concern around to, you know, the real-world apocalypse that’s surely coming down the pike first.

Zombies do remain a legitimate concern, though.

It turns out that some experts have opinions on which states are best equipped to survive in the event that zombies beat climate change and political unrest to the punch in attempting to wipe out humanity as we know it – so if you’re looking to be prepared and you live somewhere other than these 10 states, you might want to think about moving.

Image Credit: CableTV

So, where do you want to live when the sh*t hits the fan? It turns out that California, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Washington are the best 10 states (in that order), with Texas, Missouri, and Georgia also ranking near the top.

The rankings were made after analyzing data on the most self-reliant states, with special attention paid to agriculture, weapon ownership, solar energy, and climate (you’ll have to be able to grow food if you want to survive in the long-term).

If you’re interested in further information, CableTV (who compiled this list) actually ranked all 50 states in terms of their survivability in the face of rampaging zombies.

Of course, like the characters in the popular (and useful) zombie film Zombieland, you might have your own priorities. For example, Tallahassee wanted only to make sure that he didn’t have to eke out an existence without Twinkies.

Image Credit: CableTV

If you have similar goals, then you’ll want to head straight for the country’s remaining Twinkie bakeries in Emporia, KS, Indianapolis, IN, or Columbus, GA.

Coincidence that they exist in 3 states that are highly ranked on the original list? I think not.

Food will, of course, be an essential factor in surviving, so CableTV has also pointed out the biggest stashes of  Ramen noodles – “food” that literally lasts forever and can be prepared with the simplest of tools – around the U.S.

To stock up, you’ll need to make a plan to travel through or settle near New Jersey, Kentucky, Arizona, South Dakota, North Carolina, Georgia, Oregon, Delaware, C0nnecticut, or New York.

Image Credit: CableTV

Cross-section? Georgia is the only state on all 3 lists. Plus, people there have survived the filming of The Walking Dead, so surely they’ve learned a thing or two already, right?

It’s all about being the most prepared, and for my money, this Missouri girl is making plans to head south!