The 12 Brands of Liquor That Bartenders Wholly Recommend

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A blonde walks into a bar. She see shelves and shelves of liquor. All kinds. The bartender says, “What’ll you have?”

And the blonde says, “I don’t know. What do you recommend?”

Not the world’s worst blonde joke, but rather a real life scenario that I’m 100% we’ve all been in. Bars have so much to offer, sometimes making a decision is just overwhelming. How do we choose from all the brands in front of us? Is it worth trying something new when we always order a diet coke and rum?

For help, we ask the expert: the bartender in front of us.

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Marketing firm Metrixlab recently sent a survey to 10,000 bartenders throughout the United States, asking what brands of alcohol they are most likely to recommend to their customers. The survey is in its 15th year and is used by spirits company to see where their brands stand with these important point of sale influencers.

Here are the results.

Patron Tequila for Best Overall Spirit

Second year in row after overtaking Fireball.

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Johnny Walker for Blended Scotch

Ranked first since the beginning of the study in 2005.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Hennessy for Cognac

For seven years out of the past eight.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Grand Marnier for Cordial

Highest ranking for the past six years.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Baileys for Coffee Cordial

Leader for the past six years, ever since the category was included.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

BACARDI Flavors for Flavor Spirits

This year, BARCARDI overtook Absolut Vodka for the first time.

Photo Credit: BACARDI

Bombay Sapphire for Gin

Overtaking Hendricks.

Photo Credit: Pexels


Ranked first for the past 12 years.

Photo Credit: Pxhere

Jack Daniel’s for Shot/Shooter

Overtook Fireball for a first time lead.

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The Macallan for Single Malt Scotch

Second straight year after overtaking Glenlivet in 2017.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Patron for Tequila

Ranked highest since 2008 (also best overall spirit).

Photo Credit: Pxhere

Grey Goose for Vodka

Was only outranked once since 2005 (by Absolut).

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Jack Daniel’s for Whiskey

Consistently first.

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Spirit companies know who their true customers are – the bartenders. Cause bartenders wield huge influence over their customers’ choice of beverage for the evening.