The Astrological Signs as Represented by ‘Star Trek’ Characters


What’s your sign? I’m sure you’ve heard that question many times in your life, right?

Well, you’re about to see a fun new spin on your astrological sign right here. Some clever person has taken all 12 astrological signs and paired them up with characters from ‘Star Trek’.

I have to say, these are pretty interesting…these memes were made by an Instagram user who goes by the name of chat_ensorceler.

Let’s take a look.

1. Refined tastes…

2. Dynamite in the sack.

3. A big fan of romance.

4. Totally unforgettable.

5. Big Dad Energy.

6. Just shut up already…

7. Pretty stressed out.

8. A deep soul.

9. Very, very wise.

Photo Credit: Imgur

10. This guy can do it all.

11. Very passionate.

12. It’s complicated.

As a Pisces, I think this is a pretty accurate representation.

What about you? In the comments, tell us your sign and whether or not you think your Trekkie match is accurate!

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