The Backstreet Boys Want To Tour With *NSYNC

LOS ANGELES - MARCH 14: The Backstree Boys arrive for the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Glenn Francis/Pacific Pro Digital Photography)

When *NSYNC performed with Ariana Grande at Coachella in 2019, no one missed JT. In fact, everyone wondered why they didn’t make our day and tour without him already. The Backstreet Boys even agreed, saying they would love to tour with their 1990 musical counterparts.

Recently, during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live, the host asked the group (still A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell) their comments on JT’s seeming disinterest in the future of *NSYNC.

Carter spoke up with a great idea.

“Maybe in the future, after we’re done with our world tour, maybe we could do a tour with Backstreet and the four of them, maybe like a package tour.”

Several years ago, the Backstreet Boys enjoyed success touring with New Kids on the Block.

A package tour with *NSYNC would be mind-blowing for fans, especially after the head-to-head race up the charts between both groups in the 1990s. Band members, though, have since claimed in interviews that the two bands never had much of a rivalry.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

On Jimmy Fallon’s show, Carter recalled the only conflict was when the Backstreet Boys were offered the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.

They opted to sing the National Anthem instead. *NSYNC ended up doing the halftime show with Britney Spears and Aerosmith. Carter admitted they regretted their decision.

But that’s water under the bridge. Guys, let’s make this tour happen!