The Best Responses to the Recently-Unveiled “Space Force” Uniforms

Image Credit: Twitter

In case you missed it, the government of the United States recently unveiled the uniforms for their newly-minted Space Force, an entity meant to compliment NASA and be prepared for what they apparently believe is the inevitable day the countries of Earth take their fight to space.

I can’t believe I just typed that in a real article, but here we are.

The internet, of course, was quick to respond with their usual wit and hilarity, and here are 16 of the funniest replies to pop up so far.

15. One of these things is not like the other.

14. Let’s take just a moment for real talk.

13. Quite an accurate representation, in all likelihood.

12. Moved and seconded.

11. We see what you’re doing there.

10. Yes, this feels right.

9. BRB I’m wheezing.

8. She’s just trying to be helpful.

7. Sharing for the peak Photoshopping skills.

6. It’s quite a good question.

5. Okay but these memes will never get old.

4. The Resistance would definitely be lost.

3. All I see in my head is Spaceballs.

2. I mean we do have a lot of actual problems.

1. I’m always up for a well-timed movie reference.

I’m dying, y’all. Every day I wake up and ask myself “is this real life?” Apparently it is, but I suppose we live in interesting times, and that’s supposed to be a good thing? Or not, I can’t remember.

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