The Best Songs That Will Help Your Kid Go Poop And Pee

Image Credit: Pixabay

Until you’re a parent, you can’t know how normal it will be to talk about another person’s bowel movements. It’s natural, somehow, to be in the room when your child smells it up. You wipe, you wash, same routine – even though it’s not your butt.

And if this describes your life, well, then you, like me, have probably realized that for some reason singing makes everything easier.

So the next time you’re sitting on the bathroom floor, or are out in the hallway, or are within earshot in the baby’s room, here are 8 songs to try if your regular set is feeling a little old.

8. “You’ll Use the Potty”

Sesame Street is always up to the task of helping hard things seem easier, and the melody and lyrics are classics.

7. “Potty Training 101 Poop Song”

This one, by Growing Sound, goes over every step of the pooping process – in detail – that should mean you should only have to answer your toddler’s questions 999 times instead of 1000.

6. “Bear in the Big Blue House”


The potty song is as gentle as the rest of the show and will help your kid get ready to start potty training.

Thank you bear!

5. “Elmo Potty Song”

All kids trust and love Elmo, right?

But why?

Mostly because he looks at the world like your toddler does, and watching him walk through the steps of using the potty can be comfortable and instructional.

4. “Toilet Time is Fun”

Nevermind the eyes in the animation, which are totally creepy.

This song will get the job done.

3. “Stop and Go Potty” (Daniel Tiger)

Daniel gets it!

It can be hard to stop playing and having fun to go use the potty.

Daniel’s song reminds your kid that they can go right back to their toys once the job is done!

2. “Potty Song” (Little Baby Bum)

Say what you want about Little Baby Bum, but their songs are catchy – and this one reassures your kid that they will get it right eventually if they just keep trying.

1. “I Can Pee and Poop on the Potty”

This whimsical song about a kid superhero whose super power is going to the potty – and washing his hands afterward!

I’ve tried some of these, and am sure I’ll have more than a few opportunities to try them all before the kids start locking doors instead of begging me to keep them open!

Do you have a favorite? Share them with us in the comments!