The Boat That Can Walk Itself To Shore On Robot Legs

If you’re not someone who has their own boat, this might come as news to you – but launching and then re-trailering a boat just to enjoy a day on the water can be a lot of work.

That goes double if you’re someone who isn’t all that experienced with the docking or beaching process to begin with, and you know. Sometimes we have a few too many Dos Equis out there and the whole prospect seems more than a little daunting.

Not anymore, though, because if any or all of this applies to you, you can just get a boat that walks itself right up on the shore.

Image Credit: Laughing Squid

This helpful invention comes courtesy of Hard Drive Marine in Bellingham, Washington, and are actually meant to be used as working or service boats.

They can walk themselves ashore, then back into the later again, without any assistance. The company hopes the feature will help captains have an easier time loading and unloading onto the shore, especially when the waters are rough.

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“Our unique line of vessels, designed as working service boats, eliminates the need for docking and ferrying on rugged, remote coastlines. This design works for loading and unloading but stops the boat from running and performing well at any speed when water conditions are choppy or rough.”

I imagine if this is your line of work, a development like this could be pretty exciting.

For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait and hope something similar comes to the market for pleasure vessels – because I just bet boat “captains” everywhere will be all over it.