The British Royal Family Will Never Say These 13 Words – Here’s Why

Photo Credit: Diliff - Own work

Some words are simply too coarse for the royal family to utter. Social anthropologist Kate Fox revealed which words are banned, and, more importantly, why, in her book, Watching the English.

1. Tea

Around the United Kingdom, tea is used to refer to the evening meal. This is considered a custom of the working class. The royals are to say dinner or supper instead.

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2. Portion

This is another working class term regarding served food. Upper class society says helping size instead.

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3. Pardon

Instead, royals say sorry. Pardon is considered too bawdy. No one in the royal family says pardon.

Photo Credit: Gobierno de Chile

4. Toilet

Only the French would say toilet near a royal. Royals coyly ask for the loo.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

5. Patio

Need some fresh air? Good luck asking about the patio. However, the royal family would be delighted to show you to one of their bazillion terraces.

Photo Credit: Diliff – Own work

6. Lounge

You do mean the drawing room or sitting room, right?

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7. Couch

Nope, it’s a sofa for royals.

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8. Perfume

Gauche. Instead, ask a duchess about her scent. Is this a thing with the French, again?

Photo Credit: Pixabay

9. Posh

The royals are not Spice Girls and neither they, nor anyone they know, use that word. You are permitted, however, to say smart. As in, “My, how smart you look in all that Prada.”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

10. Function

Functions are for the middle class to attend. The upper classes go to parties.

Photo Credit: Nick Warner

11. Refreshments

At their parties, upper class society will partake in some food and drink. Thank you, that would be lovely.

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12. Dessert

Anything that is sweet is never called a dessert, or a sweet for that matter. That’s too boorish. But they will have a pudding, which is a word that covers all sweet desserts.

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13. Mom and Dad

It’s mummy and daddy, even as adults. Cute!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Speaking like a royal would take some practice. Next lesson: holding your pinky up. Cheers!