The Common Practice These 15 People Find Totally Barbaric

Society is a weird thing. It evolved to keep human beings safe from things that go bump in the night, but since forever, one of those things has been a subset of human beings have been the evil we need to fear.

There are some practices that remain common, but that some people don’t understand why the rest of us accept as normal – dogfighting comes to mind – and these 15 people share some really good food for thought.

15. Yes, we might mean your dog.

Breeding animals with disabilities for our pleasure.

Get a rescue pet people!

14. And really, what is the point?

Embalming a body by pumping it full of incredibly toxic stuff, then dropping it into a few thousand dollars’ worth of casket, then dropping all that into another couple grand worth of concrete “burial vault”, then putting all of that in a big hole in the ground.

And THEN charging the emotionally distraught grieving family a fortune to do it.

13. See also: declawed cats.

Tail and ear docking of dogs.

12. Anything kept in a cage, really.

Keeping exotic pets (reptiles, amphibians, etc.) in horrible conditions because people don’t feel the need to do research beyond what they were told by the Petco employee at checkout.

11. This is definitely messed up.

In several states, a woman can marry at 16 if her parents consent, then her spouse becomes her guardian, meaning, if she wants a divorce, she needs his approval

10. Why order the bread bowl, then? Monsters.

I’ve worked at Panera bread… some people don’t eat any of the bowl!

What a waste of good bread!

In the trash!

9. I will never understand just throwing trash on the ground.


In nearly every major city around the world we have bins in the streets. Far far to often you walk down the street and less than 5 feet from a hanging bin there is a bottle, wrapper or worst of all Cigarette ends.

It is simple common curiosity to walk over stub, crumble or crush you’re rubbish and toss it into the bin.

Another problem is how we are dealing with our littler. Land fills! Let’s dig up a big whole and out it under the ground run land that could be used to grow life and nurture new habits for animals – instead our governments allow it to continue and do not take it serious enough.

It really is a matter of Out of sight out of mind applied to far to many of us in this day and age.

8. I guess they want their windows smashed.

Idiots taking a dog shopping on a hot day and leaving the windows rolled up.

7. It’s such a simple thing to do.

Leaving shopping carts scattered all over the parking lot.

In the United States we definitely live in a ‘someone else will take care of it’ kind of culture.

6. Way too common.

I work in child safety. Child abuse is incredibly common and to be honest, most people only say they care.

Reducing child abuse is really expensive. Caring for children and getting them out of abusive situations is incredibly expensive. Kids don’t vote, so politicians saying “I’m going to massively increase the budget for child welfare, especially foster care and group homes!” goes over like a lead balloon.

And despite all the big talking about ‘oooh, if I found out someone was abusing a child, I’d never talk to them/beat them up/run them out of town’ a lot of the time nothing like that ever happens because the abuser has put themselves in a position of power or trust – a teacher, a coach, a community member. Then all of a sudden it’s “we don’t know what really happened, maybe she asked for it, maybe he misinterpreted what happened.”

Even if we just focused on getting kids out who are being sexually abused, most foster care systems would collapse in less than a day. There aren’t enough workers, there aren’t enough foster families, etc.

The people working in child safety are under extreme and often excruciating stress. And guess what they’re paid? Absolutely fucking peanuts. In my former job, where I spent most of my time working with families and CPS to end abuse and keep kids at home, the average length of time a credentialed professional spent in the job was less than 18 months. Eighteen months in a job where continuity of care is absolutely critical.

I had to deal with judges releasing convicted abusers back into the family home because now his victims were “old enough” to lock the door or tell someone if he started raping them again. I’ve had abusers hit their children while I was watching, and threaten me and I could not get those kids removed from the home. I still have nightmares about what I saw and did. And I made about fifteen dollars an hour.

I made a huge mistake, and I admit it. I have dedicated myself to child safety and believed I could make this world a better place. But instead, I’m looking at 40 next month and I have nothing – 17 year old car, no retirement, no savings, no decent healthcare, and I get paid less than I did 10 years ago.

So if you want to see an end to child abuse, you need to be begging your politicians to spend more on education, healthcare, child services. But no one really does. So onward we march into a future where kids have sky-high ACEs, where families can’t get their basic needs met, and we’re suffering through a worldwide pandemic and a historic depression. All of this was a choice. And we keep choosing it every day.

5. I can’t believe this is a thing.

Debarking dogs.

My dog was debarked as a puppy, but the owners gave him to a shelter later, so when we adopt him to have as an outside dog to keep away animals, he has no bark!

You can’t hardly hear him from across the (large) yard! Instead of doing surgery or something, try training the dog.

Now that I think about it, it could’ve been some injury, or birth defect or something, since we just guessed with the debarking thing.

4. Rampant.

Caste based discrimination.

India is a f**ked up country for so many reasons.

3. This made me shudder.

Walking out of a washroom without washing your hands.

If you don’t wash them, many people are basically indirectly touching your genitals.

And you’re indirectly touching the genitals of everyone else who didn’t wash their hands.

2. I know some people think it’s easier, but…

Forced arranged marriages.

*sobs in Indian*

1. Can’t believe this wasn’t the top answer, tbh.

Every commercial poultry operation I’ve ever seen; even the best are cruel in my eyes.

The industrialized meat industry in general is, frankly, horrific.

Just relentless suffering on an unimaginable scale.

Yeah, I think we definitely have differences of opinions that go really, really, deep!

Is there anything you would add to this list? If so, share it in the comments!