New ‘Creeper Challenge’ Makes Your Group Chats Fight to Finish Song Lyrics


Group chat, man. A few years ago a meme was going around that said “I’ve never been held hostage, but I have been in a group chat,” and that pretty much sums up how most people feel about getting stuck in a never ending loop of competing conversation.

You know how it is. Two people are talking about a movie they just saw, someone else is trying (and failing) to coordinate a night out, someone else wants book recommendations and there’s always someone complaining about how their diet isn’t working…

Getting everyone to follow a single thread of conversation is nigh impossible.

Or at least it was until the “creeper challenge” emerged.

I’ll explain.

Minecraft YouTuber CaptainSparklez’s song “Revenge” is set to Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love,” and since 2011, has been the most viewed Minecraft video of all time – to the tune of 175 million views. Given that it’s so entrenched in online culture, it shouldn’t be surprising that the song is at the center of the latest viral challenge.

Rules: Each member of the group chat attempts to type the lyrics, one by one, in the correct order. No spelling mistakes, no skipping lines of the song. If anyone screws up, the whole chat has to start over.

Friendships are at stake, with frustration levels rising every time someone messes up a lyric, misspells a word, or otherwise forces everyone else to start over.


It’s beautiful.

And guess what? Even if you’re out of the loop and don’t know the song at all, that’s cool – the challenge has expanded to include songs like Old Town Road, K-pop classics, and you know, pretty much anything you want.


It’s a lovely way to bring everyone together for a common cause (and to get Karen to stop talking about her next craft project!).

Go ahead and give it a try, but be warned – patience and friendships will be tested.

But maybe that’s not a bad thing.