12 Photos of Shelter Dogs and Cats That Changed Dramatically After Adoption

Image Credit: Reddit

You probably don’t need convincing that animals are happier in loving homes than they are in shelter cages, but these 12 adorable before and after images of pets who found their forever homes will give you all the feels, nonetheless.

#12. How did someone even know this was a dog?

Image Credit: Facebook

We’re glad they did, because look how sweet he is after the haircut!

#11. A month of love (and the vet) does wonders.

Image Credit: Imgur

Now THAT’S what a healthy, happy kitty looks like!

#10. Those dreadlocks had to be miserable!

Image Credit: DesignYourTrust

…But her marbled skin is fabulous!

#9. This good girl is 16 and happier than ever.

Image Credit: Imgur

Just because you’re getting up there in years doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a good home.

#8. Not everyone looks better with a beard.

Image Credit: Imgur

Seriously, this buddy looks decades younger now!

#7. He may have lost an eye, but he gained a lot more!

Image Credit: Facebook

…Including one adorable bandana!

#6. This dog was supposed to be euthanized, but someone stepped in, and look at him now!

Image Credit: Reddit

Love and care really can be life-saving.

#5. That face, omg.

Image Credit: Reddit

What a difference those loving arms around you makes!

#4. Hard to believe this is the same good boy!

Image Credit: Facebook

We knew that winning smile was under there!

#3. And after 8 months of love and food…

Image Credit: Imgur 

…This pup became the strapping dog you see before you.

#2. They missed the mark not naming her Gizmo, but she’s happy.

Image Credit: Instagram

Plus that tongue look is priceless.

#1. The police saved these starving dogs, and just look at them now!

Image Credit: Design Your Trust

Now THOSE are some happy, furry friends!

Just try to stay away from the next adoption day at your local shelter. I dare you.