The Dutch Have a Cure for the Winter Blues

Image Credit: Instagram

We all have our ways of dealing with the dreary, long, dark days of winter, but while many embrace a Danish philosophy called hygge – which means staying snuggled and cozy indoors – more and more people are turning to the Dutch way of dealing with things.

Uitwaaien takes the opposite approach, sort of encouraging people to punch winter in the face instead of hiding until it goes away. To get outside, breathe it in, and go about your business pretending that you’re not losing feeling in your extremities.

That sort of thing.


The word means “outblowing,” and the philosophy involves physical activity like jogging on those cold, windy days. People who adhere to it swear by its energizing effects.


Nautilus reports that the name comes from the idea of replacing “bad air” with “good air,” and even though there hasn’t been a ton of scientific study behind the concept, those who get out in the winter months talk about boosted energy and lowered stress levels.


There is some research that supports the idea that being out in nature – no matter the temperature – can increase creativity, sharpen focus, and help reduce stress.

And hey, if you’re worried about being cold, a few minutes of brisk running will warm you right up!