20 of the Funniest Tweets From Actor Ryan Reynolds

©Facebook,Ryan Reynolds

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds is well-known for his wit and humor on social media.

Here are 20 of Mr. Reynolds’ funniest tweets. He seems like he’s just a regular guy, except really funny and handsome, and I like that. So refreshing!

1. The moon in heaven

2. The greatest

3. So sandy

4. Surprise!

5. Can’t we all

6. The joys of parenting

7. But she had a blast

8. Even he’s got anxiety!

9. “Little”

10. Or paints

11. The moral is in your heart

12. It could though

13. I mean, it depends – right?

14. Very discerning

15. Kids are gross

16. Much preferred

17. I hear that

18. Slaying it

19. We’ve all got our limits

20. I’d just eat it

Told you he was funny…