The Great Cultural Divide Over What Is Lemonade

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If you live in America, chances are you have some pretty solid idea of what constitutes lemonade. It’s essentially lemon juice, sugar, and water, usually served on ice unless you get it from some cute kids selling it for quarters on their lawn.

Okay, I’m old. They’re probably selling those little cups for at least $1 these days.

But what if I told you, for much of the world, that’s not what they call lemonade at all?

What if I told you that in places like Australia, if you order lemonade, they give you Sprite?

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They don’t have what Americans “consider lemonade” at all, bless their hearts.

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Aussies tried to argue that lemonade and Sprite are essentially the same thing, but you know.

They’re not.

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Oh and also? It’s not just Australia – it’s England, too.

And they think there’s no lime in Sprite. What.

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As all good conversations do, this one came down to how they were understanding Beyonce without having access to actual lemonade.

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And the apt observations that Aussies, and everyone else, have no idea what to do when life hands you lemons.


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We swear, it’s not about us being ego-centric.

We just want everyone to be happy.

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So keep your Sprite, world. It is a delightful beverage and useful when you’re feeling green about the gills.

But lemonade is a summer staple, and we here in America swear you’ll love it if you just try it our way.

Because you want to, not because we’re bullies.