Cowboy Museum Puts Their Head Of Security In Charge Of Their Twitter Account, And His Tweets Are Very Wholesome

Image Credit: Twitter

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if companies hired people with no social media – or really internet – experience to handle their online presence, well…you’re about to find out.

The National Cowboy Museum‘s (yes, that’s a thing, I guess) head of security, Tim, has been elected to take on the extra workload while he spends time in his place of business alone (for the time being).

People are just completely delighted by the fact that he seems to be using voice-to-text.

Also, he’s figured out hashtags! Sort of.

He asked for Twitter tips…

But he meant to Google it. Whoops!

John Wayne is obviously the pinnacle of the Cowboy Museum.

Ah, the elusive woman you’d like to have a beer with!

This guy really depends on his grandson, Lucas.

But he seems like a pretty solid grandpa. Heart eyes.

More John Wayne and more fun with hashtags! I am in love!

That’s not….awwww.

What I love most about Tim is how he admits that he didn’t know everything, then does it again the right way! What a good role model!

Just in case you thought he was proposing.

This is seriously just about the most wholesome thing I’ve seen on the internet in my entire life.

If you suddenly were put in charge of someone’s social media, how would it go? Better or worse than Tim?

For what it’s worth, I think this is pretty much the definition of “so bad it’s good.” Excellent, really.