43-Year-Old High School Teacher Keeps A Personal List Of “Gen Z” Slang Terms He Overhears His Students Using

Image Credit: Twitter

It’s safe to say that not everyone who goes into teaching does so because they love, understand, or even care to understand the younger generation. In fact, it can sometimes seem to be the opposite – like this restaurant manager who banned current slang from the work floor lest you lose your free employee meals.

But it’s 2019 now, so never mind him. Instead, mind Sociology Professor Callahan.

He came to the attention of the internet when one of his students took a picture of “Callahan’s Generation Z Dictionary” and posted it online.


The document is exactly what you’d expect – a list of terms and their definitions as he’s heard them/come to understand them in his classroom – but it’s also incredibly sweet and not at all derisive in nature.

Image Credit: Twitter

It’s like he’s actually a sociologist or something.

Image Credit: Twitter

He also does his best to implement the words correctly in his classroom, which is both adorable and awkward. As it should be.


Everyone, unsurprisingly, loves his intentions and his heart and wishes there were more like him.

Oh and also, they’re helpfully suggesting other terms to be added, like yeet.


I have so much to learn. Thanks, Professor Callahan!