“The Leftorium” and 9 Other Simpsons Businesses We Wish Actually Existed

When Ned Flanders, the ever-cheery foil to Homer Simpson, opens his store The Leftorium in season three of The Simpsons, it totally bombs.

The episode is literally called “When Flanders Failed.”

But I think Flanders’s idea to open a store for left-handed individuals is actually really cool. Sure, it only serves a certain demographic of the population, but that’s better than letting that demographic go without items made to fit their needs.

But let’s not stop there. In addition to the Leftorium, here are 9 Other Simpsons businesses I wish actually existed.

1. One of the most progressive bars in Springfield

Personally, I prefer their sister club, Eve & Eve.

Image Credit: Fox

2. We’re going to Disney Park!

Err, sorry, I mean…Diz-Nee.

Image Credit: Fox

3. It just makes sense

I hope there’s an air conditioner store out there that really uses this name.

4. I want to go to there

And buy all the LOTR plushies!

Image Credit: Fox

5. Yum!

If this store existed in real life, there would be a line out the DOOR.

Image Credit: Fox

6. Me neither!

Can we talk about Yogurt Nook?

Image Credit: Fox

7. I wouldn’t go in there…

One party I’m glad not to be invited to.

Image Credit: Fox

8. THE Leftorium

Flander’s quit his job to open this store. It was his dream.

Image Credit: Fox

9. Are you hair, God?

It’s me, Margret Simpson.

Image Credit: Fox

10. Well, I hope so

Otherwise we have a real problem.

Image Credit: Fox

Ok, so maybe “Donner’s Party Supplies” goes a bit too far for real life, but it’s just so darn morbid and clever.

What’s in a name? Well, quite a bit if you’re running a business. So, if you’re running a hair salon, or a law firm, or even a specialty store for left-handed individuals, I’d consider rebranding. Because these business names are gold.

Which business would you like to see tuned into a real life operation? Let us know in the comments.