The New Mac Pro Can Cost Upwards of $50,000 and Twitter is in Disbelief

Photo Credit: Apple

Apple products aren’t exactly famous for being budget-friendly, but even devoted Apple fans are experiencing some sticker shock at the company’s new Mac Pro. With all add-ons included, it costs over $50,000.

The new Mac Pro just went on sale this month. Like most computers, it comes with optional upgrades for the processor and memory – but in this case, everything costs extra, from a trackpad to $400 wheels. The base price is already $6000. The Pro Display XDR monitor starts at $5000, an afterburner accelerator card is $2000, and the stand is another $1000.

The. Stand.

For 1.5 terabytes of RAM (which is, admittedly, a lot), the price shoots up another $25,000.

If this seems totally insane, it’s because the computer is targeted toward professionals who need to deal with large data sets or do intensive video editing. But even so…

Of course, people on Twitter were buzzing about the high price.

“Fully loaded Mac Pro costs… $52,748,” reporter Eli Blumenthal tweeted. “This is just maxed-out hardware. No software, no screen.”

People were especially tickled by the $400 wheels — roughly the same price as a new iPad.

Some people pointed out all the things you could buy with all that money instead of a very fancy computer. Tuition! A car! A house!

Others made fun of the fact that the Mac Pro does come with at least one thing for free: a lightning cable.

However, others pointed out that the computer isn’t nearly as expensive without every single upgrade added on, and many of those upgrades aren’t necessary for most users.


“Yes the most expensive config of the new Mac Pro is absurdly expensive. But you probably don’t need these things?” writer Mike Rugnetta said.

Fair enough! But the new Mac Pro is sure to be a WAY shinier status symbol than the Air Pods ever were.