The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s Weather Predictions for This Year’s Winter Are…Chilling

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Ready for winter? After you read this year’s weather forecast, you might not feel so prepared.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac — a traditional source of weather predictions that was founded in 1792 — says that this winter is going to be a real mess.

The Almanac was first created to help farmers anticipate how the weather would impact the upcoming growing season. Today, it remains a remarkably reliable source of weather predictions for each season; last year’s predictions for winter were 80.5% accurate.

The publication recently released a press release with its winter 2019 predictions, and it’s slightly fear-inducing, to say the least.

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The press release says that this winter, there will be “no escape from shivers, snowflakes, and slush.”

There will be “no fewer than seven” major snowstorms this year. The snowstorms are predicted to hit Washington state, plus other northern states all the way to Michigan. Other areas of the country, like the Deep South and New England, will have slush and sludge instead of snow.

Plus, “bone-chilling cold” is a major theme across the country. Even Hawaii is expected to have cooler temperatures and heavy rain.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

To make matters worse, the winter chill is expected to last well into March – even into the first days of spring.

“Is this the winter that never ends?” the Almanac asks.

By the end of winter, we’ll probably be aching for warmer temps…

But the Almanac says that summer 2020 is going to be hell, too, with “scorching” temperatures. Sigh. I’ll just stay inside until further notice, thanks!