The Rarest Blood Type on Earth, Has Been Called the “Golden Blood”


You learn something new every day, don’t you? Well, today we’re going to dig into some extremely rare science that most people don’t know about.

There are 8 common blood types, and then there are blood type groups and if you keep delving further into it you can get lost in the weeds because it is really complicated stuff. But there is one blood type that is so rare, less than 45 people on the entire planet have it.


Our red blood cells have up to 342 antigens on their surface. The presence or absence of certain antigens is what determines your blood type.

This rare blood is called Rhnull blood and it has none of the 61 antigens in the Rh system, which is the largest blood group system.

Until 1961, doctors believed that a person lacking all Rh antigens would not even be able to survive outside of the womb.

Only 43 people have ever been reported as having it on Earth. Ever.

Blood cell

It’s so rare that it’s been called “the Golden Blood.”

In addition to making the people who have it feel very special since it is so incredibly rare, Rhnull blood is also very dangerous to live with.

If there have only been 43 identified people with Rhnull blood, you can imagine how difficult it would be to get a transfusion for a person with Rhnull who needed it. That’s why people who do have Rhnull are encouraged to donate blood to potentially help themselves if needed in the future.

And there is your science lesson for the day!

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