12 People Share the Most Ridiculous Thing They’ve Seen a Man Do to Defend His Masculinity

Photo Credit: Pixabay

In this day and age, it’s becoming more and more acceptable for men to be and feel how they want – even in public and even if it’s not “manly,” but some people just aren’t on board.

Like these 12 men, who went to extreme lengths to remind everyone around they were, indeed, male.

#12. She had to text my sister.

“Stepbrother is the type of guy that refuses to hold his girlfriends purse. Once at a small family dinner she went to the bathroom, after a minute she must have texted him and he goes to check on her, they quietly argued a little and were clearly mad but trying to hide it the whole night after. Turns out she needed a tampon from her purse and he wouldn’t even bring the purse too her, she had to text my sister to bring it to her.”

#11. We don’t invite him for drinks.

“I work with an insane over the top alpha ego fuck boy. We all go out for drinks one night and he literally tells me I should go fight a random stranger in the bar because we have a similar hair cut. Obviously I think he’s joking cause that’s fucking ridiculous. But no, he’s dead serious and goes onto to call me fucking pussy and says how soft I am. Goes on to tell me about all the bar fights he has been in. Needless to say, we don’t invite him for drinks anymore.”

#10. Chill out, dude

“My dad will not tolerate being served food that was set to look “pretty”. Once he ordered a dish with coconut shrimp, and when it came out its presentation looked very cute and my dad immediately recoiled in disgust and said ” This isn’t what I ordered, take it back!”

We were all confused because he had in fact ordered it and the waitress was just beside herself. My dad then said, “It’s too feminine ”

The waitress ended up taking the plate back and they rearranged the shrimp as to not offend my dad as if he were a picky two-year-old.”

#9. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

“It was raining and I offered a guy my umbrella and he refused, saying they were for just for women.

I didn’t even know that was a thing.”

#8. What girls should expect.

“Some years back I had a guy block me on FB and stop talking to me at work because I posted a pic of me in make-up that my daughter did and then a second pic of me in a sarong with same make up.

She was 10 and wanted a model to work on. It was hilarious fun and it will be a long lived great memory of me and my little girl having a good laugh.

Apparently he was talking behind my back about me being gay and I was teaching my daughter the wrong things about what ‘being a man’ meant and what girls should expect. The other blokes are as crazy as me and didn’t think much of him.

He even went as far as telling the SO he did not think I was the right person to be working and sleeping at the station with other men. (I’m a Fire fighter)

This is a guy who was divorced twice and estranged from his kids. Has at least one violence order against him that I’ve since learnt about.

He was a shit worker and only lasted 8months.”

#7. His girlfriend screaming at him to stop.

“A few weeks ago my wife and I visited a friend in another country. We got to know her boyfriend, who was a bit… special. He teased her relentlessly, all the time, and could not take any criticism at all.

Once, we were arriving back at the house (by car, he was driving), when she jokingly told him “I drive way better than you!”, referring to the narrow alleyways in their town and how she has no issues parking in tiny spots.

Apparently, he saw that as an offense to his manlihood which he just could not let slide in front of his girlfriend and us, two almost complete strangers in the back seat. He started accelerating like a maniac, going about 80 kilometers an hour in an old European town in the mountains (where you don’t see any cars coming and the roads are really narrow), his girlfriend screaming at him to stop. He did this for about two streets before he turned around and drove back.”

#6. I would have felt worse if…

“A guy tried to immasculate me in my weightlifting class, the problem being he had never lifted in his life. It should be noted that this was guy was a one-upper to a T. If anyone had a talent or had anything remotely interesting to say, he was there to out-do them.

I was showing him how to do bench press and I was doing 155, which is my max. Not a lot of weight, but again, it’s a lot when you’ve never lifted. He proceeded to attempt the weight I was doing while I was at the water fountain. Unfortunately I couldn’t get there before he gave himself a hairline fracture in his sternum.

I would have felt worse for him if he wasn’t such a dickhead.”

#5. Refused to be paired.

“At a school dance it was cheaper to get in if you were a couple, I can’t remember exactly how much it was probly 10 or 20 bucks cheaper. The teacher at the door was cool so even if you came with your group of guy friends he would just pair you off and charge you the cheaper price. These two jock type guys refused to be paired together and demanded they each pay thier separate entrance fee.”

#4. No water ever.

“Refuse to drink water. Ever.”

#3. That didn’t fly.

“Two male classmates and I were on a fieldtrip and got caught in the rain. I had a raincoat, and Guy1 had an umbrella. He offered to share it with the Guy2, who had no rain gear. Guy2 insisted it was gay to share an umbrella with another man. He would only use the umbrella if he carried it, while I walked under it with him and Guy1 borrowed my raincoat. This didn’t fly because

A. I wasn’t about to give up my raincoat for the paltry protection lent by huddling under an umbrella, and

B. Guy1 would not have fit my raincoat.

So Guy2 got soaked.”

#2. So fragile.

“My brother won’t eat foods that resemble semen. No mayonnaise, no yogurt or sour cream, nothing. He won’t even eat the melted frosting on a cinnabon. Masculinity so fragile.”

#1. No other pen.

“I used to work at a bakery where each clerk had to bring their own pens to have customers sign receipts with (if they paid with a card). I had a pink pen with a little duck on top and one day a customer refused to sign with it. He got really mad that I didn’t have another pen and walked out to his car to find a pen that wasn’t “girly”.”