The Secret to Buying Full-Size Halloween Candy for Cheap

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Ah, Halloween candy. People tend to have very strong opinions about the subject. Should you distribute full-size candy bars or the miniature kind? Chocolate or sugary sweets? Should you — gasp — even give out something healthy instead?

One argument in favor of giving out miniature candy bars instead of full-size ones is PRICE. When you’re trying to satisfy dozens of hungry kiddos, the cost of full-size candy bars can really add up.

But there’s one place where you can buy candy bars for so cheap, there’s no excuse for not buying the full size. Drumroll please!

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It’s the restaurant supply store.

If you don’t work in the foodservice industry, you may not have ever walked into a restaurant supply store. But these stores are similar to Costco in that they sell large quantities of products at low prices. Yes, they are geared to restaurant owners, but most of these places will let anyone shop, no membership needed.

You may want to call before you go, though, just to make sure.

Walk in, waltz past the enormous buckets of produce and plastic containers and cooking oil, and head to the candy aisle, where you can buy full-size candy bars for way cheaper than at a regular chain store.

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Restaurant supply stores also sell fun party supplies. Again, they are sold in large quantities for a bargain.

Halloween party, anyone?