The Super Wholesome Online Love Fest Just For Brendan Fraser

If you were a moviegoer in the later 1990s or early 2000s, there’s literally no chance that you missed the rise of Brendan Fraser. He was the charming, affable star of films like Encino Man, Blast from the Past,  and The Mummy franchise.

Then, just as suddenly, he seemed to disappear from Hollywood altogether.


He gave a few interviews, most notably the one in GQsharing that he believed he’d been blacklisted after accusing the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press of sexual assault (he denies the incident place).

Fraser dealt with some mental health issues following the alleged incident that also were made easier by the decision to withdraw from public life, according to him.

His fans, however, still love him – if you want proof, look no further than this love fest on Twitter.

People are thrilled to know that he’s venturing back into acting, and are happy to give him a short (or long) list detailing all of the reasons why.


Just thinking about his smiling face makes us smile.


Everyone can use a fuzzy feeling like that, especially when you didn’t ask for it at all.

Honestly, we could just rest our case right here.

It doesn’t come along every day, which is something Hollywood surely realizes by now.

Himbo is not an insult in this context. Or maybe in any context.


I almost forgot about this movie but now I need to watch it again immediately.

If he was blackballed, we would all like to vote for some whiteballing immediately.

As long as everyone consents, of course.


My heart just grew three sizes at this picture, y’all.

I would like to second this motion.

Physical comedy is always shunted to the side, but it takes serious talent, y’all.

Basically, we love him and want more.

If you want to jump on the love train, please do – I can’t imagine many actors who deserve it more.

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