The Top 5 Sexiest American Regional Accents

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Americans are competitive by nature. We’re always comparing ourselves to each other–maybe someone has the job you’ve been eyeing…but, maybe you drive the car everyone else wants.

Look, we just want to know where we stand as far as our successes.

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Now, Americans have something else to discuss, compare and contrast: Accents!

Think about it…the United States is a big diverse country. Apparently, we have no fewer than 50 accents, coast to coast. Some are sexier than others (to clarify, sexiness equates to success here). Recently, media company Big 7 Travel surveyed their social media followers–about 1.5 million people–to rank all 50 accents for sexiness.

So, to get you all riled up for the next time you go to the bar to discuss who has what, here are the top 5 sexiest accents in America. Talk amongst yourselves.

5. Chicago

Sexy people in Chicago say kee-uht for cat and bought for but. I always wear gloves when I’m in Chicago because that accent is too hot to handle.

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4. Maine

Sexy people in Maine never say their “Rs”. They just don’t. They are too sexy for “Rs”. Now, eat ya lobstah.

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3. New York

Go wawk your daw-ugh in Central Pawk to hear this sexy accent. Or, watch Goodfellas. Is it warm in here, or is it just me?

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2. Boston

Like those sexy Main-ahs, Bostonians hate an “R”. But, who cares? It’s still wicked sexy.

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1. Texas

Don’t even hate. That slow, Southern drawl goes down easier than a tequila sunrise. Texans don’t shy away from a hard “R” and they never back down from a competition. Sounds like they’ve got that accent game beat.

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So…I completely agree with this list. It has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a Texan with an accent that would charm the cattle right off your ranch. It is what it is. Social media does not lie.

Make sure check out the original list, complete with pronunciation examples. Find out how sexy your accent is and start comparing.

And, bless your heart if you have a Long Island accent.