The World Is on the Hunt for the Final Iron Throne in a RL Scavenger Hunt

Photo Credit: Youtube

Have you heard, Game of Thrones final season is coming? It’s been well over a year now, so the creators and HBO are truly making the release something to remember. They’ve started an interactive game in which fans and super-fans can participate.

There are a few missions to complete in the experience: Quest, Bleed, and Create.

Photo Credit: The Chive

The Bleed mission asks you to donate blood to support the Red Cross, while Create shows fans recreating some of the most amazing props from the show (dragons anyone?). But if you would rather travel, the Quest mission is sending fans looking for 6 iron thrones hidden somewhere in the world!

Photo Credit: The Chive

HBO has several 1-hour videos featuring a 360-degree view of each throne. There are no landmarks and only sound is given as a clue. These are the hints people must follow to find each one:

So far all but one has been found! The other 5 were spotted in a desert (Brazil), in a forest (the UK), by a coast (Spain), and in snowy areas (Canada and Sweden)

Photo Credit: Youtube

Photo Credit: Youtube

But this journey doesn’t just come with bragging rights – the first person to each throne was awarded a replica of Robert Baratheon’s crown worth $350.

That’s right. Now you can become the King or Queen of the Iron Throne.

Photo Credit: The Verge

With the season premiere right around the corner, the HBO timer is ticking until the last throne is found. So call on your Dire Wolf, cloak yourself in chain mail and snag a Valyrian sword and find that throne!