There Should Be More Child-Free Restaurants and Businesses. Here’s How People Responded to This Opinion.

Oh, boy, I have a feeling this is going to get some people fired up.

I’m gonna go on the record about this and I only have one thing to say: I don’t think it would be the worst idea in the world if certain businesses decided they wanted to be kid-free zones.

I really don’t understand why people insist on bringing their kids to breweries or even bars. It’s just weird to me. And I don’t think that most customers who are there to have a few beers in what are supposed to be adult establishments really appreciate it, either.

So should there be more child-free businesses?

Are you ready to dive into the responses about this from AskReddit users? Let’s take a look.

1. Oh, boy…

“Do you know the feeling when you’re just sitting at the restaurant with your significant other and the two of you just want to enjoy your food and each other’s company, and out comes running a little kid screaming their head off?

Most of the time the parents don’t bother to properly even address their kids’ behaviors. They just laugh it off at the distance or say “Oh, so cute!” and start filming their lousy kid? Or when you’re visiting the spa at a hotel, just bubbling away in a jacuzzi and in jumps a little kid who starts splattering around?

Or when you’re at the cinema, focused on a really interesting scene and some kid starts talking all over the place “Daddy, look at that!” multiple times throughout the movie.

It should be more normalized for kids not to be taken everywhere. There should be more places for adults who specifically don’t have kids for a reason. The obsession around “kids are cute and should be with everyone 24/7″ is disgusting.”

2. Bad business?

“Its’ just a bad business model. Most people have kids so you’re missing out on like 80% of your potential customers by having a child-free business.

Maybe in a big city. But that especially would never be a good idea in middle America. I live in the south and there’s people who bring their kids to bars, I sh*t you not.”

3. You’re in a dive bar!

“Midwest US. I once got scolded by an angry parent for language in front of their kid… at a dive bar… in a college town… on a game night Friday… while the parent had a beer in hand…

It wasn’t even like a food chain like BWW or anything, like can I not have a place where I can talk how I want?”

4. Tell us how you feel.

“A lot of people are just negative and want to be upset that 100% of the world doesn’t work exactly how they want.

And even if they haven’t experienced it they are upset that other people are living their lives in a way they don’t approve of.”

5. Not a problem.

“My view may be skewed because I love kids, but I honestly don’t see this as a problem either.

I can’t recall a time when an experience was ruined by a wayward child.

Perhaps people who post stuff like this are just extraordinarily sensitive to the presence of small humans in their vicinity.

In which case, I would suggest that perhaps they are too fragile for this world.”

6. Lack of support.

“The reason that there’s not more of these types of places is simply due to lack of support.

Childfree Apartments (I lived in one), beaches, resorts, restaurants exist but they aren’t cheap and you have to support them because they are cutting themselves out of a large money spending portion of consumers.

I see this type of opinion a lot on here and usually it boils down to someone having champagne taste with a tap water budget. If you think a family of four week-long trip to Disney world is expensive look up a few night stay at some of these adult only resorts.

If you aren’t willing to shell out for first class tickets then you wouldn’t be able to afford the price hike for a coach ticket on an adult only flight Malaysia airlines and others have proved people don’t want to deal with the reality of childfree accommodations.”

7. What goes around…

“The people moaning about other peoples kids were the annoying kids when some of us were their age. What goes around comes around.

That said I’d never take mine to a bar and they only go in pubs at lunchtime, if we’re eating, and rarely at that.

And unless you have a thing for Disney movies or matinee PG movies then you’ll never be in the same cinema as them. They ain’t watching Rambo 7 or terminator 15.

Adult only spaces are fine with me, but I have a feeling most people moaning are eating at Pizza Hut or McDonalds and then complaining, rather than being somewhere classy that’s actually aimed at adults.

If you don’t have to dress up to eat there then it’s casual and most likely aimed at families.”

8. Expensive.

“People ask for champagne but can barely afford beer.

These places would not be cheap. Most people have kids, families etc. so this business model would be removing a large demographic.

They could do it by being expensive but that would be out of reach for most people and this is why it isn’t that popular.”

9. I get it.

“As a parent with kids….

I couldn’t agree more. My children shouldn’t be causing you stress, anxiety, or anger while you made plans to go out and enjoy your dinner/movie etc…

I totally get it.”

10. Need some time away.

“I’m a parent that agrees and I know tons of parents that do too. When I get a night away from my kids I don’t want to have to listen to other kids.

When I say kids I mean anyone under 18 because a lot of times in public teenagers are louder or just as loud as toddlers and babies.”

11. Adults are worse.

“Before the pandemic I’ve worked with kids a lot, so I’ve seen my fair share of misbehaving but I can’t recall being at a restaurant, movie, concert or airport with overly misbehaving kids.

Loud adults tends to always be the more immediate problem. Like dude, stop screaming into your phone, it’s not that serious and move out of the middle of the aisle, for crying out loud.”

12. They gotta learn.

“I… don’t think so. Hear me out. How will the kid learn to behave if they are not taken everywhere? You literally have to teach the small human based on your own behavior.

When I was young we’d travel with family friends. A huge group of 15 adults and 20 to 25 kids. (Nieces, nephews and cousins were brought with us.)

We never caused a racket because we were always treated as adults and expected to behave well in public. We all learned how to act and would call out each other in case of sh*tty actions.”

13. Pick your places.

“As a parent who likes to have dinner with my family this is annoying.

People constantly complain about kids making a ruckus in restaurant and hotels. To you and the billion other people that complain about this everyday go visit more upscale restaurants and hotels.

When I want to have a kid free romantic night with my wife I don’t go to Olive Garden or Applebee’s and complain about kids being disruptive. Kids are part of families don’t eat at family restaurants if you don’t want to be around kids being kids.”

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