There’s a Good Chance Even Dog Lovers Are Pronouncing These 7 Breed Names Incorrectly

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Here’s the thing – there are a lot of dog breeds out there. So, unless you’re super into watching dog shows, chances are there are a whole bunch you’ve never heard of, never mind learned to pronounce. Add that to the fact that plenty of people prefer mutts of questionable parentage to dropping a bunch of bucks on a name, and, well, it’s not surprising that many may not know how to pronounce the fancy-schmancy breed names listed below.

That said, in the interest of knowledge (and sounding smart at parties), below are 7 common doggy mispronunciations, along with the correct way to say them.

#7. Dachshund

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Common mispronunciation: dash-hund
Correct pronunciation: dahks-und

#6. Weimaraner

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Common mispronunciation: way-mar-ann-er
Correct pronunciation: vahy-muh-rah-ner

German accent included, please.

#5. Shih Tzu

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Common mispronunciation: sh*ts-ew
Correct pronunciation: she-dzoo

But I mean, the first way is more fun.

#4. Newfoundland

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Common mispronunciation: new-found-land
Correct pronunciation: new-fun-land

#3. Bichon Frise

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Common mispronunciation: bich-on freeze
Correct pronunciation: bee-shawn free-zay

Really put your nose into it.

#2. Vizsla

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Common mispronunciation: viz-sluh
Correct pronunciation: veesh-la

#1. Papillon

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Common mispronunciation: pap-ill-on
Correct pronunciation: pap-ee-yawn

It’s French (it means butterfly) so feel free to bust out your accent to really nail it.

Don’t say I never did anything for you!