There’s Actually a Job Where You Can Dress up as a Panda to Play with Real Panda Cubs


We all love panda bears. That’s just a factual statement.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

If you REALLY love pandas, there’s a job you might be interested in. You’d have to move to China, but, hey, we all have to make sacrifices, right?

The Wolong Natural Nature Reserve, in Sichuan Province, is looking for the ideal candidate to play with their pandas. One catch: you have to dress up in a panda suit.

The zoo believes that by dressing up as pandas, humans can simulate the relationships the animals should have with their mothers.


Besides the moving to China part, and the wearing a panda suit part, there’s one more catch. You have to cover your panda suit in panda poop and pee. This covers up your disgusting human scent, so the little cubs will be more at ease.

Photo Credit: Reddit, The_colin

As you might expect, people in the Twitter-verse are willing and able to do the job.

Photo Credit: Twitter, StewHicks

Photo Credit: Twitter, islandjenx

So what do you think? Ready to throw caution to the wind, move to China, don a costume, and cover yourself in poop and pee?!?!

h/t: Distractify