Double standards can really get people fired up, but when it comes down to it most folks sit around complaining and don’t do anything. But one woman named Lindsey decided that there was so many brain-dead, oblivious fellas out there piling on to dumb double standards, she just had to mock them publicly.

Like this dude:

Photo Credit: Facebook, A Boy

Lindsey created Cards Against Harassment as a way to document the catcalls, unwanted advances, and rude behavior that women experience on the street every day. Because of the nature of her project, she has uncovered A TON of men who are really, really clueless. These guys go out of their way to insult woman who post sexy, scantily-clad photos of themselves – but there’s just one problem.

They then do the EXACT SAME THING they’re calling out the ladies for! Lindsey has decided to put these men on full blast, shaming them and their double standard on Twitter, and the posts are all hilarious.

They go on and on and on and on and on….

Check out Cards Against Harassment’s Twitter account to see many, many more!

h/t: someecards