There’s Now a Retirement Home for Senior Shelter Dogs in Missouri

©Shep's Place Senior Dog Sanctuary

Just outside Kansas City, in Independence, Missouri, senior shelter dogs now have a place to retire and spend their twilight years in peace and comfort.

Shep’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary opened recently and their mission “is to find senior dogs who have languished too long in shelters or rescues, and give them a home where they can live out their lives freely and fully. The dogs spend the day out of their kennels, playing in the yard, sleeping, or relaxing in the house with their human friends. We try to find them adoptive families, but there is no pressure; the dogs may stay as long as they want.”

What a lovely concept. The sanctuary is located on four acres in a renovated house, and the pooches have the run of the place. They can sleep when and where they want to and have as little or as much fun as they want.

After many years of hardship, these dogs are living the life!

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