10 Photos of Dads Living Their Best Lives

One of the best things about getting older is just deciding one day that there are three people whose opinions matter to you, and everyone else can go p*ss up a rope if they don’t like how you do what you do.

Yes, that’s a thing, and I’m absolutely here for it.

Because when you’re a parent, well, I’m sure you can imagine that your kid’s opinions about your choice in clothes, or friends, or television ranks pretty low on the meter of “how I decide what I like.”

“I like what I like, Trevor! I don’t care what you think! Eat your peas and carrots!”

And these 10 dads? They definitely agree.

10. It’s how he shows he cares.

And he apparently is a perfectionist?

9. Just keeping it real.

That’s a LONG life.

8. Standard issue dad uniform right there.

New Balance FTW!

7. The high-roller uniform. Opposite.

But nice reference to The Hangover, though!

6. What? You don’t need a bag for that.

He’s carrying like a concealed carry revolver!


5. This made me lol.

Dad’s gotta dad!


4. $10 says you sell it faster now.

This guy is gold!


3. That took a turn.

I mean…. isn’t that kind of how you came into the world?

2. He’s done trying.

It’s all downhill from here.


1. Definitely more industrious. Ha!

This guy is a 10/10 on the dad scale.

Can’t you just hear the chorus of daaaaaaaaaaaad? I love it!

What did you think about these? Which dad did you think was living his best life?

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