12 Funny Game Show Answers

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It can be hard to think on your feet, which is one reason that game shows aren’t a surefire way to make a million…or even win a few bucks and pay back your travel expenses. In fact, just based on the outcomes of these types of shows (aka 1 winner), very few contestants leave with anything worthwhile, other than the experience of being on TV.

Sometimes even that experience is a mixed bag — especially when you find yourself the butt of a joke for answering a super obvious question incorrectly.

These 12 people just weren’t prepared for what their brain would spit out in response to simple questions.

Laugh all you want (I did), but you never know how you will respond until it’s your butt in the hot seat.

#12. Some people take everything so literally.

Image Credit: CBS

#11. This poor man who can’t count…

Image Credit: ABC

#10. …or remember what happens in the seasons.

Image Credit: ABC

#9. Hey, sometimes fish find love…

Image Credit: NBC

#8. Hey, it’s probably illegal in some country.

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#7. Woooooooooow.

Image Credit: VH1

#6. Tell me more about where you go to church.

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#5. That sounds easier.

Image Credit: GSN

#4. I mean…it’s not a WRONG answer, per se.

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#3. This is adorable.

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#2. I feel like there just has to be a porn actor out there with this name.

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#1. Best.

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Lol, Steve Harvey…gotta love it.