These 14 Stories Have the Most Adorably Wholesome Endings

Image Credit: Reddit

There are a few reasons that people log onto to the internet – to be social, to read the terrible news, to see cats – and even though “inspiration” probably isn’t most people’s answer, that doesn’t stop us from loving sweet and wholesome stories.

If you’re in that kind of mood today, these 14 tales surely won’t disappoint.

14. Definitely a dad joke.

He got her, too.

My neighbor almost had my mom worried for his safety from UnexpectedlyWholesome

13. No questions asked.

It’s not personal. It’s just policy.

We have much to learn from UnexpectedlyWholesome

12. Bless his heart.

Even birds need a bit of help sometimes.

A man trying to dry the bird that is wet due to the downpour and is about to freeze from the cold .. with a hair dryer from UnexpectedlyWholesome

11. I obviously need to know what happened next.

Updates please!

Nice from UnexpectedlyWholesome

10. Second chances are worth giving.

Even if they don’t all turn out like this.

Image Credit: Twitter

9. She’s ok AND she has pie.

She’s double ok.


8. At his own expense.

When you’ve got a feeling, you’ve gotta go with it.

Image Credit: Reddit

7. Wholesome dads are the best dads.

Also co-sleeping is boss.

Unexpectedly wholesomeness in Ask Reddit 😊 from UnexpectedlyWholesome

6. Do what makes you happy.

All the time, no questions asked.

Image Credit: Twitter

5. And he’s always happy.

Weird, that.

4. Get yourself a friend like this.

Positive reinforcement only.

Made me smile from UnexpectedlyWholesome

3. Something else came, though.

A couple of things, I guess.

2. We all feel this way about our Mum’s cooking!

If she’s decent at it, I mean.

Anon loves his mother from UnexpectedlyWholesome

1. Dogs love helping.

Apparently that goes for wolves, too.

Awwwww this is absolute poggers from wholesome

More of these, please! In fact, if I could have ALL of these, that would be the best thing I can think of right now.

Tell us in the comments which one you liked the best!

Thanks, fam!