These 15 Oscar-Winning Movies Contain Excellent – And Small – Details

Every film is a work of art, but I think most people assume that goes at least double for movies that end up nominated for big awards at the end of the season.

In the case of these 15 movies, they definitely didn’t disappoint, either – they contain some seriously intricate details that are super easy to miss.

We’d hate for that to happen to you, though, so scroll through these posts and see what you’ve been missing!

15. I literally never noticed that.

Did you?

In ‘The Little Mermaid’ (1989) Ursula uses a butterfly (a symbol of transformation and mimicry) in the potion to transform herself into ‘Vanessa’ – which is a genus of butterfly.
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14. Those things are connected.

Like the circle of life!

In the original Lion King (1994), Rafiki only recognises Simba’s scent on the wind after eating a Baobob fruit, the taste triggering the memory of anointing Simba with the same fruit as a lion cub at the beginning of the film.
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13. Must be on the cutting room floor.

Where all the lovely scraps end up.

In The Great Gatsby (2013), you can see a pair of tennis shoes on top of the organ. They belong to the sleeping piano player. In the novel, he loses them in the mansion and asks Nick where they are. This bit is absent in the movie.
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12. It makes sense…

Would you have thought of it, though?

In Batman (1989) the news anchors stop wearing makeup after the Joker poisons beauty hygeine products in Gotham.
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11. As one does.

Wonder when he’s going to graduate to an IPA.

In Back to the Future (1985) before Marty travels back and changes the past, helping his father gain self-confidence, George drinks Miller Lite. When Marty returns to 1985 the more confident, richer George now drinks Miller High Life the “Champagne of Beers”
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10. Bless her heart.

She really was doing her best, you know?

FORREST GUMP – Jenny’s scrapbook contains only photos of Forrest running because she’d not kept any earlier memorabilia due to her lifestyle. (Repost: Original removed due to not listing movie title)
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9. This film is crazy accurate.

Every last bit.

In Apollo 13 (1995), as the astronauts prepare for re-entry, you can see a large tropical storm below them. This is because a tropical storm almost forced the Apollo 13 landing site to be changed, but the storm moved out of the area at the last moment.
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8. I did notice this as a kid!

I assumed the flavors were tailored to their preferences.

In Mary Poppins (1964), when Mary Poppins gives Jane and Michael their medicine, they each receive different colour medicine from the same bottle, as each person has a different favourite flavour.
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7. The first bit wasn’t emphatic enough, I suppose.

Poor Luke. At least he lived in the future.

In ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, Vader uses the same disarming technique twice. Luke is able to hold on to his Lightsaber the second time, so Vader actually disarms him.
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6. Well now I want to see it.

Can we make this happen?

In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), you can see a poster for “From Dusk Till Shaun”, a sequel to Shaun of the Dead (2004). This was a real pitch written (as a joke) by Simon Pegg.
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5. I did notice this, now that you mention it.

A very smitten-girl thing to do.

In Aladdin (1992) Jasmine loves the flower Aladdin gives her so much she wears it in her hair then saves it in a vase on her vanity
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4. Was this on purpose, though?

I have a need to know now!

[deleted by user]
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3. This is very consistent.

That’s a great song, too.

Mia in La La Land doesn’t drink alcohol, presumably because her aunt died from alcoholism. “She lived in her liquor, and died with a flicker” are lyrics in Mia’s audition song. Throughout the movie, she is seeing drinking only soda and Shirley Temples.
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2. Wow, this is amazing.

Did you pick up on this?

In Moonlight (2016), main character, Chiron, is seen in the color blue when he is in touch with his true identity. This color blue is a direct connection to Juan’s line to Chiron in act one: “In moonlight, black boys look blue.”
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1. Of course he didn’t.

More proof that Spielberg has always been Spielberg.

In E.T. (1982) the doctors trying to save E.T. were played by real life doctors from the USC medical center in Los Angeles. Stephen Spielberg felt that actors wouldn’t be able to make the medical dialogue sound natural, so recruited real doctors to deliver the dialogue.
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I honestly had no idea about any of these.

What’s your favorite obscure movie detail? Tell us about it in the comments!