These 15 People Have Looked Into Their Own Reflection and Had a Weird Experience

You never know whether or not you’re alone in your strange experiences until you open up about them to other people – and that’s for sure what someone was thinking when they created the subreddit No Stupid Question.

This Redditor has had some weird stuff happen when he looks into his own eyes in the mirror, and guess what?

You ever look in the mirror, directly into your own eyes, and have a weird experience?
byu/buckspackers inNoStupidQuestions

According to these 15 replies, he’s not alone.

15. You’re not alone.

Am currently drunk in the bathroom, stared into the mirror and then pulled a funny face I wasn’t expecting and freaked myself out for a sec

This made me feel very, deeply uncomfortable.

Well, at least we are never truly alone.

14. Don’t think about it too hard.

Sometime I just look at my hand and arm while I move it and think it’s wild how I can just do that.

It still confuses me how we just think about movements and then your body just listens I guess. Like as I type this why are my fingers even listening to me jvfuhqurghejn, like what?

13. Me, but not me.

Yep! It’s weird to explain.

Logically I know the person in the mirror is me, but at the same time it feels like I’m looking at someone else. I’ve actually used this to my advantage a couple times.

I’ve had some really hard introspective days where I felt like absolute garbage. Just loads of self loathing, not a fun time.

I took a minute to look at myself in the mirror, and locked eyes with the “other me” on purpose. Anytime I look into someone else’s eyes, I try to see them as beautiful souls with their own dreams and hopes, so I wanted to do the same with myself.

And for a moment, that brief disassociation allowed me to step out of my own head, and see myself with the same love that I see others with. It was uncomfortable and vulnerable, and I cried. But I walked away with a better self image I think

12. This guy isn’t bothered.

Eh, I don’t think it’s a big deal. We’re all pretty used to the idea of our self, our subjective POV self, being situated discretely within the skull, looking out from camera/port-hole eye sockets. But really, we are everywhere in our body. “You” extend beyond your brain into the nerves and muscles of every part of your body.

Your body is also your mind, is what I’m saying. So of course you can move your fingers at the exact same time you think about it, or even without consciously commanding them. It’s all the same thing.

11. That’s you, bud.

That’s when I go “Damn I’m just a brain watching the world through two holes in my skull”

As Alan Watts once said: “You’re inside it, and it’s inside you, and you’re inside it” when contemplating the universe. It’s like aligning two mirrors which keep reflecting each other forever. Realising that the whole universe is just an imagination of your mind, but your mind is only a spec of dust in relation of the universe. Pretty trippy.

10. Is alcohol involved?

Yeah, all the time.

Late-night staring into my own soul is wonderful, and horrifying.

9. It’s a bit scary.

I think it’s one of the few occasions when you realize you’re a person. But this person is somebody you know through and through, and that’s scary.

What makes it even scary is sometimes I start to think what if my subconsciousness is a different entity controlling me? Like it can even control my thoughts and everything, what if it’s sentient in itself? It’s inside your head, no way to escape, cant even trust your hands. couldn’t sleep one night because of this lol

8. Contemplation 101.

I don’t feel that so much personally, but I definitely feel

“This flesh is me. I am inside this meat mech.”

“This isn’t what I thought I’d look like”

“Can I still find the me I used to look at in there somewhere?”

“Man, I’m getting old.”

“This is a one way trip.”

That kinda stuff.

7. I’ve never thought about that…

That is scary. And I think on some level it might even be the truth. When you see your face staring back at you, there’s suddenly a distinction between the one who lives behind your eyes and the one who does the staring.

The first person to be confronted with their own reflection must have been terrified.

6. They don’t trust themselves.

In the early morning and late at night, I remind myself not to stare at my eyes or face too much because I’ll freak myself out. I don’t trust my reflection.

5. It’s normal.

It’s a case of minor derealisation and depersonalisation. Don’t worry about 75% of people experience this.

Derealisation: The feeling of being disconnected from reality. You fear the reflection moving disconnected from you, despite knowing that’s not how reflections work.

Depersonalisation: The feeling of being disconnected with your own body. The “Am I really controlling this body” feeling.

Unless these states appear regularly outside this setting or continue for a long time period afterwards, it’s nothing to be concerned about.

4. What are the unusual thoughts?

Usual Thoughts

That’s Me

I’m That

I’m a person

Am i really a person?

What if i’m just a videogame character?

Is the player in the bathroom rn?

I’m in the Bathroom

i have a weird face

i’m handsome

Actually i’m very ugly

How i’ve been here for 45 minutes?

3. I’m…worried.

Every single morning when I wake up.

For me it’s more like ” I’m really in this b%*ch”.

2. It definitely does.

All the time.

But that drunk bathroom run where you look in the mirror and go “I am drunk” just hits different.

When I do drunk mirror stares and don’t move my eyes I get creeping blackness at the edges of my vision that nearly take up my whole view until I move my eyes

1. It’s a whole moment.

Sometimes I disassociate and when I catch my eyes in the mirror I’m thrust back into the reality of existence and it feels really weird.

Doesn’t happen as much anymore, especially after college.

I had to do mirror work for oral interpretation class and kind of got to know myself better; and it lessened after that.

I’m kind of afraid to look at myself in the mirror now, I’m not going to lie.

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