These 15 Photos Will Make You Very Uncomfortable

©Facebook,Unusual Images

Uggghhhhh…these pics are just flat-out weird. Bizarre. Strange. Odd. Uncomfortable.

Pretty much any word you can think of that is similar to “unpleasant” sums up these photos.

They all come to us courtesy of Unusual Images on Facebook. Thanks a lot….

1. Totally normal

2. What?!?!

3. Smoke ’em if you got ’em

4. Awwwww

5. Wow

6. Clearly a con man

7. I’m next!

8. Don’t go too far out

9. Absolutely disgusting

10. Hello?

11. That is kind of amazing

12. He is!

13. NO

14. YES

15. Whatever works

Nightmare fuel, no doubt about that.