These 20 Countries Drink More Coffee Than Any Other

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Ah, coffee. It’s what makes the world go ’round, especially recently when we’re dealing with all of this togetherness while we’re trying to work and while we’re trying to maintain our sanity, am I right?

But where does the U.S. fall as far as countries that drink the most coffee? Which countries are near the top?

If you’re curious, keep reading, because we’re going through the 20 biggest coffee-drinking nations in the world!

These numbers are pounds of coffee per capita, so that means it’s what the average citizen drinks every year – which actually means it’s more, since that probably doesn’t include children (or weirdos who don’t like coffee).

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20. Cyprus

The people of Cyprus consume 10.8 pounds of coffee every year.

19. Croatia

If you lived in Croatia, you might drink around 11.24 pounds of coffee every year.

18. France

The French might not drink quite as much as you’d think – only about 11.9 pounds a year.

17. Greece

Greece is actually tied with France – 11.9 pounds a year.

16. Germany

The Germans guzzle an average of 12.3 pounds of coffee per citizen every year.

15. Slovenia

12.79 pounds a year. That’s what an average Slovenian drinks in coffee.

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14. Brazil

Brazilians, too, consume 12.79 pounds per capita every year.

13. Italy

In Italy, citizens drink around 13 pounds of coffee every year.

12. Austria

13.45 pounds of coffee per capita are consumed there, every year.

11. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Here, 13.67 pounds per capita is the average.

10. Canada

Maybe Canadians are so nice because they each drink around 14.33 pounds of coffee every year.

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9. Luxembourg

The Canadians haven’t edged out Luxembourg – they’re tied at 14.33 pounds a year.

8. Belgium

Belgians consume a whopping 15 pounds of coffee each, every year. I guess it does go well with waffles!

7. Switzerland

The Swiss might be neutral, but not when it comes to coffee – they love it to the tune of 17.42 pounds of coffee every year.

6. Sweden

We’re getting up there! The Swedes drink 18 pounds of coffee per capita on an annual basis.

5. Netherlands

The Dutch are clogging along, drinking 18.52 pounds each every year.

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4. Denmark

Think the Europeans love coffee? They have nothing on the Scandinavians – the Danish pair their pastries with 19.18 pounds of coffee every year.

3. Iceland

It might take all 19.84 pounds of coffee to keep Icelanders warm!

2. Norway

21.82 pounds – and they’re only number two!

1. Finland

Coming in at number one, the Finnish people drink a whopping 26.45 pounds of coffee every year – that’s around a half a pound of coffee per person per week.

Personally, I thought France would be higher!

Also, if you’re curious, the United States clocks in at 25th.

Did any of these surprise you? Who did you think would be on there that isn’t?

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