These 20 Television Shows May Only Be 1 Season Long, but They’re Totally Worth Your Time


A lot of times, whether or not a television show runs one season, or five, or twenty doesn’t necessarily have to do with the quality of the program. Sometimes the audience just doesn’t find the show until it’s already too late.

For these 20 shows, that definitely rings true.

They’ve got legions of devoted fans, and we think that they’re definitely worth checking out the next time you’re at a loss while cruising Netflix.

20. Whiskey Cavalier


Cancelled after 13 episodes, this show followed FBI agent Will Chase (Scott Foley) and CIA operative Frankie Trowbridge (Lauren Cohan) on an interagency task force.

Where to find it: Hulu or ABC.

19. Pitch


Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) is the first woman to play for a MLB team in this show that also stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar. It was cancelled after only 10 episodes.

Where to find it: iTunes or Amazon Prime

18. Emily Owens, M.D.


Emily is starting her internship at Denver Memorial Hospital along with her med-school crush, and even though it has a strong cast and production team, lasted only 13 episodes.

Where to find it: iTunes

17. Red Band Society


Octavia Spencer and Dave Annable lead a cast of doctors, nurses, and patients in the pediatric ward of a hospital.

Where to find it: ABC

16. Z: The Beginning of Everything


Christina Ricci plays Zelda Fitzgerald in the 1920s, and even though a second season was originally ordered, it was later rescinded.

Where to find it: Amazon Prime

15. Everything Sucks!


A group of teenagers from different 1996 social circles come together to make a movie in this series, which has a large fan base that loves its LGBTQ representation.

Where to find it: Netflix

14. Bunheads


The creator of Gilmore Girls gave us a program with a very similar tone in Bunheads, which followed ex-showgirl Michelle Simmons (Sutton Foster) who teaches dance at her mother-in-law’s ballet school.

Where to find it: Hulu or Freeform

13. Firefly


Fans of Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion will never forgive Fox for cancelling this space drama after only 14 episodes.

Where to find it: Hulu

12. Good Girls Revolt


The show, based on Lynn Povich’s book, follows a group of female researchers at a magazine in 1969 – fans of Mad Men, this one’s for you!

Where to find it: Amazon Prime

11. Constantine


This show, based on a DC Comics character, follows a British exorcist and detective. Though the character lives on on Legends of Tomorrow on the CW, the series was cancelled after 13 episodes.

Where to find it: CW Seed

10. Sweet/Vicious


Jules and Ophelia are college students – and vigilantes – who apprehend sexual assault assailants.

Where to find it: iTunes or Amazon Prime

9. My So-Called Life


A classic one-season wonder, Claire Danes, Jared Leto, and Wilson Cruz remind you of all the reasons you were glad to leave high school behind (in the best way possible).

Where to find it: Hulu or ABC

8. The Village


These 10 episodes follow a group of people living in the same apartment building and becoming a second family.

Where to find it: Hulu or NBC

7. Selfie


Karen Gillan and John Cho play a girl obsessed with becoming famous and the marketing guru who agrees to help. This modern interpretation of My Fair Lady lasted only 13 (great) episodes.

Where to find it: YouTube

6. Trophy Wife


Kate (Malin Akerman) is a young party girl who marries Pete (Bradley Whitford), a middle-aged lawyer with three kids and two ex-wives. Enjoy all 22 episodes.

Where to find it: ABC

5. Freaks and Geeks


A future all-star cast that includes Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jason Segel, Busy Philipps, and John Francis Daley navigate the “freaks” and “geeks” worlds of high school for 18 glorious episodes.

Where to find it: YouTube

4. The Get Down


This show follows the rise of hip-hop and disco music in the 1970s. The 11 episode story is told through the eyes of teens living in the Bronx.

Where to find it: Netflix

3. Enlisted


Three brothers enlisted in the US army are assigned to the same unit of misfits after returning from Afghanistan.

Where to find it: Crackle

2. The Secret Circle


Witch Cassie Blake moves to Change Harbor and joins a secret coven of 5 other witches. There are 22 (super fun) episodes.

Where to find it: CW Seed

1. Jane By Design


The show follows Jane Quimby on the job with a famous fashion designer after she’s mistaken for an adult looking for a new career.

Where to find it: Freeform

I know my to-watch list just got a bit longer!