These 22 Google Chrome Extensions Will Save You Time and Money

Photo Credit: Pexels, PhotoMIX Ltd.

Customer and user customization is key for companies looking to maintain a solid consumer base. For example, have you ordered a meal and asked to substitute the offered side (like vegetables) for french fries only for the waiter to reply, “Sorry, no substitutions.” It’s frustrating!

The same thing happens with technology. User experiences are super important for these companies. I’m sure you’ve noticed (especially on social media apps) how changes are made to enhance the platforms. Chrome, a Google product, is one technology that lends customization to their users to personalize their own experience.

So what are extensions?

Google explains it as,

“Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences.

They are built on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.”

In layman’s terms, you can install little bits of software to help your browser react certain ways. They “are typically used to add features and enhance the functionality of a website, [but] they can also be used to remove unwanted website elements such as pop-up ads and features such as auto-play for online videos.”

So what extensions are the best? Reddit user, u/acidplasm posed the question, “What Chrome extensions make the internet 100x better?” and here are the best answers!

22. Where was this when I was in college?

21. Research done at a click of the mouse

20. This is the master for ad-blocking and content filtering

19. Netflix and PARTY!

18. This is a cooking game changer! NO more hunting for ingredients.

17. Gotta Chatty Cathy at work? This will save the day!

16. Save your eyes, get the Dark Reader

15. Fast-forward those boring lecture videos and ads

14. This deserved a second mention…fast-forward HULU too!

13. Looking for some comedy while you web-surf?

12. Go back in style with the “View Image” extension

11. “I want Honey”

10. For the cat lovers

9. Always view your websites in print-friendly mode

8. Track falling prices on Amazon

7. Keep tabs open, if you intend on going back

6. Quick zoom for photos

5. Why? LOL

4. Tabby Cat for another mention! Love for the kitties

3. Forget the mouse, use your keyboard to browse

2. A money-saver crawler for frugal shoppers

1. My personal fav!

As you can see this list has something for everyone, but certainly not an exhaustive list! Check out the Google Chrome webstore for more. You can check reviews, the number of users and overall ratings!

Happy hunting!