5 Logic Riddles That Are a Fun Challenge

Image Credit: Pixabay

If you’re out to hone your mental edge, look no further than these 5 riddles!

#5. Concrete mixing.

#4. A mysterious treat.

#3. Man on the run.

#2. Marbles in a bowl.

#1. Two hours ago.

Continue reading when you’re ready to check your answers.

#5. In order to mix up your concrete just right you need exactly 6 litres, but you only have a 4-litre and a 9-litre bucket.

How could you measure exactly 6 litres of water?

#4. Tuesday, Sam and Peter went to a restaurant to eat lunch. After eating lunch, they paid the bill. But Sam and Peter did not pay the bill, so who did?

#3. A man is on the run from after stealing 3 large gold bars that each weigh 10kg. As he runs from the police, he must cross a mile long, fragile bridge which can only support 100kg – and he weighs 75kg.

How could he transport all 3 gold bars?

#2. In a bowl, the number of marbles gets doubled after every minute. If the bowl gets filled after two hours of such process, how long will it take to be half filled?

#1. If two hours ago it was as long after one o’clock in the afternoon as it was before one o’clock in the morning, what time is it right now?

So, how did you do? Nail all of them?

How did I do? Oh… we don’t have to get into THOSE details. There’s no point in comparing our experiences, right?

Okay, I got one. Happy?!? Argghhhh…

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Thanks, fam!