These 6 Logic Riddles Will Require All Your Skills

Image Credit: Pixabay

Mental agility is necessary to think logically about any problem, so honing it on a regular basis is never a bad thing – and we think these 6 riddles will do the trick.

Can you solve them all without cheating? I’ll be impressed if so!

6. A riddle of cats.

5. A ship to New York.

4. A mansion of death.

3. 14 stone.

2. Not a nickel.

1. Magic in the shower.

Continue reading when you’re ready to check your answers!

6. How many cats are in a small room if in each of the four corners a cat is sitting, and opposite each cat there sit 3 cats, and at each cat’s tail a cat is sitting?

5. “Every day at noon,” Lucas said, “a ship leaves Le Havre for New York and another ship leaves New York for Le Havre. The trip lasts 7 days and 7 nights. How many New York-Le Havre ships will the ship leaving Le Havre today meet during its journey to New York?

4. You’re in a mansion and the power is out. You see some signs on three doors. One says, “Death from drowning,” another says “Death from machine guns,” and the last one says “Death from electric chair.” Then you see another big sign off to the side that says “Or stay in the mansion and starve to death.” What do you choose and still live?

3. A man weighing 14 stone and his two sons weighing 7 stone each were stranded on an island. All they had to get off the island was a small boat, but it could only hold 14 stone. How did the man and his sons get off the island?

2. You have 2 coins that add up to 30 cents. One of the coins is not a nickel (5 ¢). What kind of coins do you have? You can assume that you are in the United States.

1. Mary gets in the shower, but surprisingly her hair is not wet when she gets out. How is this possible?

Do you feel smarter now? I know I do!