These 6 Riddles Could Stump Your Brain


Make sure you’re focused and ready to tackle these 6 brain teasers!

6. Only 3 syllables.

5. Heard but not seen.

4. A seven-letter word.

3. More useful broken.

2. Take off your hat.

1. It got them all.

Continue reading to check your answers!

6. What word has 26 letters but only 3 syllables?

5. What instrument can be heard, but never seen?

4. What 7-letter word is spelled the same forward as backward?

3. What do you have to break before you can use it?

2. All men take off their hats when they see this person. Who is it?

1. A farmer has 752 sheep. He took one shot that got them all. How?

Did you solve them all? Way to go!