These Angry Ducks Interrupted a Golf Game to Chase off an Alligator


Some days you get to type a headline like this one, and it makes all of the boring stuff worth it.

It was a lovely day at the second annual Christie’s Critters Invitational on PGA National’s Champion Course when golfers observed a gator lumbering right out onto the green.

Image Credit: YouTube

Now, to be fair, he might have assumed he was invited, given the title of the tournament, but alligators should know by now that they’re definitely not welcome at human things unless they’re inside a deep fryer.

Image Credit: YouTube

It turns out the ducks felt the same way.

They followed the gator, quacking angrily. For a while he pretended not to notice, but eventually he headed for the fastest escape route.

Because ducks, man. They’re loud, and they don’t know when to quit. And they’ll bite you and stuff.

People online had plenty to say about the event (Florida jokes incoming!), and plenty of people also chose to hold the ducks up as inspiration – maybe even a real-life metaphor.

Image Credit: Facebook

Said like people who have never had to scrub duck crap off a dock, methinks.