These 10 Cats and Dogs Look Like They Are Humans

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/Desperate_Pilot

If you want to get a quick smile or laugh, then seeking out cats and dogs online is a pretty easy way to do it.

But what makes these cuties special are when they resemble humans. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but put a perfectly poised pug with a funny quote and it speaks to your heart.

Check out this collection of animals being all human and stuff!

10. When you feel like you can conquer the world

Have you ever seen a more majestic pug?
byu/itsfoine inaww

9. When you trying to eat healthy and wish for pizza instead

Thanksgiving would be boring without her
byu/Itsyaboibiggyt incats

8. When a sad song comes on and you wanna cry

Bear likes to hold his feet when he sleeps.
byu/Irreflex29 inaww

7. When you told bae you’d be home and show up late

I think she’s angry
byu/_NoContextBot_ inaww

6. When you overeat and try to nap

After Thanksgiving feast
byu/hansolo625 inaww

5. When your friend asks you to smile for a nice picture

I asked my dog to smile
byu/kobagsd inaww

4. Your first time taking a selfie and say, “Damn, I’m cute.”

Felt cute might delete later
byu/MemeDeli inaww

3. Your bestie telling you all the secrets

A gentle boop
byu/octahedragon inaww

2. When you’re ready to partay!

When you knock over the Christmas tree, you become the Christmas tree…
byu/Desperate_Pilot inaww

1. Owie! I stubbed my wittle pinky toe

I see all your babies and raise you a baby snooglewoofus!
byu/Slborreggine inaww

Can we not all relate to these cute AF memes? I’m thinking they do “human” better than we can, right?

Got any humany pet pics lying around in your phone? Share them in the comments! We love to see that stuff!