These Companies Have Packages That Are Hilariously Way Too Big For Their Product

I’m sure that most of us have ordered something online and, excited to receive it, gathered a package in from the porch…only to realize that the package is far too big for the small thing we bought and paid for, right?

It’s silly, and we just shake our heads and snort before (hopefully) recycling  the whole mess and going on with our day.

After you’ve seen these 10 posts though, you’re going to know you’re not alone – and if you’re like me, you’re going to be more annoyed than chuffed.

No way that took less labor.

It had to cost them more!

Ordered 27 books from Amazon on a single order. Got 27 boxes with 1 book each delivered. from EgregiousPackaging

Put it in a bubble envelope.

It’s not that hard, FFS.

Because mascara is fragile. Thanks Sephora! from EgregiousPackaging

You think you’re buying a lot of chocolate.

But really it’s just a little.

Image Credit: Reddit

How is that eyeliner?

This post just makes me feel old.

Tiny little amount of eyeliner in a huge plastic container from EgregiousPackaging

How does that jive with your company’s message?

Except, you know. Not at all.

Really glad my made from recycled materials & biodegradable sponges came wrapped together AND individually in plastic. from EgregiousPackaging

I just know this is stale as crap.

It looks like an awful, awful idea.

Individually packaged slice of bread from EgregiousPackaging

This has always cracked me up.

Just put the orange in the bag, jokers.

chipotle’s "fruit cup" from EgregiousPackaging

I think this is the smallest package they have.

I’ve never seen a smaller one, have you?

I bought a nail file… from EgregiousPackaging

Does that stop the listeria from festering inside?

I think not.

Individually wrapped vegetables in a Vietnamese supermarket from EgregiousPackaging

Y’all I really want someone from these companies to just explain it to me, because it has to have something to do with their bottom line, right?

What else could it be?

If you’ve got some inside knowledge or educated guesses, drop them on us in the comments!