15 Photos Of Dads Who Fell in Love With the Dogs They Said They Never Wanted


I’ve heard this story before, except that it was my mom instead of my dad. She insisted up and down for years that she didn’t want a dog in the house because she was terrified of them.

She finally relented, and we got a dog when I was about 9 years old…you probably know the rest of the story. She fell in love with the dog and has had pups in the house ever since.

These dads are the same way! Let’s meet them and their beloved pooches.

1. All dressed up.

My dad dressed “the dog he didn’t want” in my childhood dress he kept for his first grand daughter.
byu/pleasecreatemyacc inaww

2. The tables have turned.


3. Looks like love to me.

My dad claims he doesn’t love our dog, but he built this end table with a little hut for her. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.
byu/agentoftheotherside inaww

4. I think he’s enjoying it.


5. Best friends forever.

He claims he doesn’t like her
byu/dfair3608 indadswhodidnotwantpets

6. Sharing a meal together.


7. Snuggle buddies for life.

My dad: No, we’re not getting another dog!! Also my dad:
byu/doesamulletmakeaman indadswhodidnotwantpets

8. Looks like a serious life lesson.

9. A constant companion.

My dad after saying he didn’t want another dog…
by inaww

10. I think he’s a fan.


11. This is precious.


12. A change of heart.

13. Double trouble.

He’s never been a dog person. Ever. And now my dad takes Yuki sailing and talks to her wherever they go. “Shall we garden today? Ooh let’s dig a hole. Where shall we dig it? Over there! That’s good digging. Would you like a carrot? Some water? Shall we get the paper and do the crossword?”
byu/anniewolfe inaww

14. I don’t believe that for a second.


15. He needs to be comfortable!

Dad – “I dont want a dog!” Also Dad – “Gaston need is own bed and night table”
byu/Shamancito indadswhodidnotwantpets

I think those pics are adorable, don’t you?

Come on…you have to admit those are pretty damn wholesome…

Did you ever have an anti-dog family member that eventually came around to feel the love? Maybe that person was you? Tell us all about it in the comments!