These Huge Doggos Clearly Think They’re Still Puppies


As I’m sure many of you do, I love big dogs. They’re cuddly, snuggly, and they make great companions.

Buuuuut, sometimes, these gentle giants don’t understand how massive they are and for some reason, they think they’re lap dogs.

And that’s definitely the case with these giant puppers.

1. No, you really aren’t.

I’m a lap dog! from aww

2. Big dog in the house.

She insists on being a lap dog from aww

3. Might be a polar bear.

He may look like a bear but he identifies as a lap dog from aww

4. Missing out.

5. That dog is HUGE.

My dog thinks he’s a lap dog when my grandma stops by from aww

6. He’ll never understand…

My friends retriever will never understand he’s too big to be a lap dog. from aww

7. He has no idea.

My gf volunteers at a rescue, this guy thinks he’s a lap dog from aww

8. Your legs will fall asleep.

9. It’s working out…for him…

He decided that he identifies as a lap dog. from aww

10. Awwwwww, look at that.

Two years to the day from aww

11. Don’t tell him that.

This is Otis. He thinks he’s a lap dog. I don’t have the heart to tell him otherwise from aww

12. A gentle giant.

This puppy still thinks he’s a lap dog. Otis the 90 lb 7 month old Newf pup! from aww

13. A human chair.

14. A massive guy.

170 pound lap dog from aww

15. Not a baby anymore.

She isn’t a baby anymore, but she’s still my lap dog…I’m 6 1/2 feet tall from aww

Do you have a huge dog that thinks they’re a little, itty bitty thing?

If so, share some pics in the comments!