These Illustrations Show How Easy It Is for Boys to Pick up Casual Sexism

Image Credit: Tumblr

Kids aren’t born knowing that there are different expectations for genders, or that people’s skin colors can mean they experience life in a different way, or that some people think certain kinds of romantic love are unacceptable. They learn these things from the adults in their lives, and many people try their hardest to make sure that they don’t hand down any prejudices to their kids.

Not every though.

too many adults seem unaware that they’re passing on sexism on a daily basis – a fact that artist Damian Alexander sought to illustrate with his comics.

As a child, he didn’t understand why people were always trying to redirect him from having female role models (other boys might find this in people trying to redirect them from liking certain colors, or television shows, toys, or hobbies), and he hopes that by pointing out how harmful and distressing it can be to kids, adults might cut it out.


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Here’s hoping we can raise generations of boys who can like what and who they like without anyone making them feel badly about it!