8 Stories About Cheating That Might Make You Happy You’re Single

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If you’re single and looking for a relationship, you might want to rethink your decision to start dating again. If these stories from Redditors who found their significant others cheating on them are any indication, everyone is a monster and we single people better off staying in every weekend to watch Netflix with our cats. Here are eight insane cheating stories that will make you happy you’re single.

1. At least oneeyeddashaund definitely won this breakup.

I posted this in a different thread a while ago:

about 14 years ago, I caught a girl I was dating for about 6 months blowing some guy in a bedroom at a party we went to. I walked in, saw her and said “well, we’re pretty much done.” turned and walked out.

I was walking out of the house and she chased me down. She started yelling at me that it was my fault I caught her and I shouldn’t be mad because she was trying to hide it.

My wife and I had her as a waitress last year and she’s still mad at me. She walked to our table, saw it was me and walked off. About 2 minutes later a different person was our server.

EDIT: to answer a few questions below, I assumed she was still mad because when she looked at me she just glared and walked away. It was one of the worst looks I’ve ever received from any person in my life.

The replacement server did a fantastic job, didn’t ask anything about the girl and I did tip pretty well. And the food was fine. It was a pretty nice place and I wasn’t worried about her ruining her job there over it. I had been told the servers there can make over $500 a night on tips

2. My heart goes out to TeaCupLady. This is truly awful.

Woke up to him banging my friend next to me in the same bed.

Got up, put my clothes on and drove home, broke all the plates in my kitchen.

Sorry there isn’t more justice

Edit; Thanks for all the commiseration guys, here is the elaboration (also in the comments)

i had a staff party all day, text him afterwards asking if i could come over and stay as we had broken my bed the previous night, all was well, some of our friends were already there so we played drinking games, however the drinking and the partying all day got to me so i bailed to go to bed, a little while later i woke up because i felt movement and saw them, i got out of bed, shaking and started to put on my clothes.

he had the gall to ask me where i was going!

I just replied ‘i have to leave’

my ‘friend’ got out of bed and tried to hug me, i put my hand on her face and pushed her back onto the bed and left.

he followed me out the front and told me i was being ridiculous but i just ignored him, jumped in my car and left, i was a bottle of tequila down and really shouldnt have been driving, but i really didnt know what else to do, i mean, what can you do?

3. pornpundit probably dodged a bullet if this is how his ex treats her cousin.

I saw my (then) girlfriend on the street with some guy. They were physically comfortable, holding hands, butt touching, etc. After a while I decided to confront her. She tells me he’s only her cousin. Turns out he was actually her cousin

4. dageekywon made the crucial mistake of not closing his credit cards.

Married to my wife 6 months.

I work a lot (own a small business) so I’m gone a lot.

But I came home from the office part of my day to grab something I needed for a job I was headed to, heard noise in the bedroom, walked in and there she was, riding another guy.

They both looked at me, I looked at them, I grabbed what I needed and left quickly, telling her as I turned around that she better be gone when I got back.

I called a friend of mine who waited about 2 hours and then went to my place. She had left, taking essentials with her. The following weekend he stood in for me while she removed the rest of her stuff.

One mistake I made is that I didn’t cancel the credit cards of mine that she had cards of also. She went out that evening with that guy and ran them all up (about 5k or so, they were not major limit cards, I had only had them to help my credit score earlier and because I was making good money now, had been on a cash-only basis for a long while, which is probably why I forgot).

That was basically the end of the finding out.

Hiring an attorney for the divorce, who then hired a PI when she replied to my filing with a request for 2k in Alimony a month revealed that she had been cheating through the entire marriage and prior. 2 guys she had been with but dumped agreed to sign affidavits with the attorney, the PI took a crapload of pictures as well. She didn’t get the 2k a month once the judge saw all this at the final hearing to finalize the divorce.

After we had parted ways but were not divorced yet (this was 6+ years ago-took 6 months and a day in CA then from start to finish, its now something like 6 weeks) she went to a club and gangbanged about 10 guys in a back room.

After the divorce was final I haven’t seen her again. But I know she is in AZ because shes tried to get credit in my name there 3 times.

5. The excuse reddithatesmee’s boyfriend gave is definitely worse than what he was actually doing.

He told me they weren’t kissing, she was just “licking coke off his face” (as a non drug user this excuse was not any more reassuring). Also, this was on my birthday. They were definitely making out, by the way.

6. MissMap’s boyfriend got real creative with the reasons he “had” to keep sleeping with another girl.

Was dating a guy for almost a year and just found out i was pregnant. We had planned to have lunch together at his house but morning sickness had kicked in so I told him I would have to wait till dinner time. He sounded super disappointed so an hour later I felt well enough to surprise him with a sub for lunch. When I got to his house I found the door wide open so I walked in. As I opened his bedroom door I found him in bed with two girls. Pissed off I tossed the sub at him, called him some choice words and ran out the door. He follows me and tries to get me to calm down. I tell him I’m done and want to leave but he begs me to hear him out claiming he has a good reason for what he was doing. He then tells me the biggest crock of poo I have ever heard in my life. He tells me that he dated this girl before me for a short time. Being a middle eastern girl she was very set on the no sex rule before marriage for fear of what her family would do to her. However, one night they ended up sleeping together anyway and he broke her cherry. Pan forward to the present, she calls him in a panic saying her life was in danger. She tells him she was going on a trip over seas soon to see family and for fear of being stoned to death she begged him to meet her parents and claim they had married secretly to save her. His next words were the craziest part of my story. “…so if i dont keep sleeping with her, they will stone her to death. The other girl was just her sister making sure it was legit. Do you get it now? I am saving this womans life!” I just turned around and walked away. Almost 8 years later and I still cant tell this story without giving him some props for creativity. Kills me to do so but even I could not have told that line of crap as straight faced as he did.

7. Kaezma’s boyfriend apparently didn’t even find the girl he was cheating with attractive, so why even cheat?

When I was 18, I decided to skip class one morning and surprise my on/off again boyfriend. We had been together for about 3 years but the months prior to this were extremely rocky.

I stopped at a few pay phones to try to call ahead but no one picked up. Ok, I thought, no problem, I’ll just go and wake him up. As I crept up the stairs with two Honey Dew iced coffees, one in each hand, I heard a female laugh. Hmmm… His little sister must have stayed home from school. I turned the corner and entered his room to find him laying in bed with some half naked girl. I froze up and all I could say was HI. He said HI back and we stared at each other for a minute before I ran out of the house.

He chased me outside while proclaiming the infamous “It’s not what it looks like” line. As I was about to get into my car I screamed BUT SHE’S FUCKING UGLY! at the top of my lungs.

His response? He screamed I KNOW!! as loud as he could.

That poor girl. I wish I had thrown the ice coffees at them instead.

8. MadMan04 should get an award for his reaction to finding his girlfriend in bed with another guy.

Came home early from visiting a buddy so I could surprise my gf, I was the one that got the surprise

Found her and a dude asleep in my bed…calmly walked up to the side of the bed, gently woke her up and asked if she wanted pancakes. She must not have realized what was going on, said “Hey baby, sure”.

I said “What about him? Does he like pancakes?”

The look on her face was worth every second of the shit storm that kicked up after that.