These Jokes Are for You if Your Friends Say You’ve Got an Odd Sense of Humor

The great thing about humor is that there’s something for everyone. Silly jokes, puns, dark humor, and sure, the really weird stuff that only a handful of people really seem to get. Finding other people who share your sense of humor is like finding your tribe, and it’s a sweet day.

Twitter and other social media outlets really facilitate that process, and if you love weird jokes and aren’t already immersed in weird Twitter well…here are 9 great examples of what you’re missing.

9. Better take a selfie or run an errand.

Someone had better see that fire style! Work it!

8. Among other things.

Some brains are weirder than others. TIME TO THINK ABOUT ALL THE THINGS!

7. What sort of dog is that?

Or is this a live-action Little Mermaid performance? I can’t really tell which.

6. I hope they fall in love.

Even if it’s just friendship love.

Image Credit: Ruin My Week

5. She looks so innocent.

We know the truth, though, and it’s hilarious.

4. Every chicken’s dream.

Unless that means you’re going to eat them. Then it’s a nightmare… naturally.

3. Seems like a great setup for a novel.

*tucks away for later use*

2. We shall keep you in our thoughts.

Godspeed, my friend.

1. A question for the ages.

I think the answer would be no.

I am so here for weird Twitter and am off to figure out how to join.

Oh wait… it’s very easy to join?

But do I want to?

Yeah, I should.

If any of these made you really laugh out loud, let us know in the comments!